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The school

Oak House School is a private, co-educational school, situated in Sarrià, in the north of Barcelona. The school is a Non-Profit Foundation with a Board of Governors. The Board is comprised of seven parents, elected through the Parents’ Association.

Our teachers

Oak House School staff is composed by 107 people that have a low rotation rate (2% per year in the previous two years). The average is 11 years and in the last three years the staff has been increased by 13% due to the International baccalaureate offer and more coverage of the educational needs.

The Oak House School teaching staff is composed of 107 educators (teachers and teaching assistants) and has a low turnover rate (2% per year in the previous two years). The average tenure is 11 years and in the last three years the staff has been increased by 13% due to the International Baccalaureate offer and more coverage of educational needs.

A considerable part of the whole-school budget is destined to continual professional development. At Oak House information gleaned from an individual training course is cascaded to colleagues so that everyone benefits from the course.

We promote research from any perspective that connects education with the management of learning. We also support Bachillerato and IB teachers in collaborating with universities and business schools because these enrich our knowledge, offer us updated content for our students and a different approach to many topics.

Our pupils

We currently have 1020 pupils on roll, aged between 3 and 18
years. We aim to help and motivate each and all pupils to fulfill
their individual academic potential and to fully develop their
social and emotional skills.

Oak House School pupils develop into self confident, honest
individuals, who strive to achieve their personal best, have a
positive attitude, a sense of social responsibility and a tolerant,
respectful attitude towards others. This is achieved through a
strong home-school partnership, which we believe is an essential
element in the education of our pupils, and regular contact is
maintained between tutors and parents.

Pupil support

Pupils are supported by their class tutor and individual subject
teachers. The class tutor monitors each pupil’s academic
progress and deals with any personal or social issues which may
arise. The tutor provides the main link between the home and
school and ensures that parents are well informed about their
son/daughter’s academic progress and emotional well-being in

The school psychologist provides pupils and families with
additional social and emotional support when necessary.
Pupils with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) are monitored and
supported by the ALN coordinators.

Use of technology

Technology is used at Oak House School to support and enhance learning whenever appropriate. We teach our pupils the skills that they will need in an ever-developing technological world. However, we also recognise that teachers and parents play essential roles in ensuring that students are not over-dependent on technology, in either their learning or their social interactions. Classrooms and laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies and all pupils have individual access to a variety of devices.

Global partnerships

The Global Partnerships programme offers Secondary pupils the opportunity to study abroad in international schools for a period of up to 12 weeks. It is a demanding programme, both at an academic and social level and participating students are motivated to achieve excellent grades as well as growing personally. We currently have agreements signed with schools in the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa and our aim is to include more schools into the project each year.

Personal, social health education

The education which pupils receive at Oak House School both influences, and is a reflection of the values we promote and the type of society in which we wish to live. At Oak House School we aim to give every pupil the confidence to have a go and try their best.

Our P.S.H.E. programme develops the emotional well-being of our pupils through the study of themes such as: Being me in my world; Celebrating difference; Dreams and Goals; Healthy me; Relationships and Changing me. Secondary pupils also attend workshops led by external specialists related to these areas.

In both Primary and Secondary, pupils follow a peer tutoring programme, designed as a measure to prevent conflict and bullying in the school environment.

Social Responsibility

We encourage our pupils to develop a sense of social responsibility and to have a tolerant, respectful attitude towards others.

One of the ways in which we do this is to support both local and international charities, such UNICEF. Our pupils and families are involved in a variety of fundraising initiatives throughout the year.
Secondary, Bachillerato and International Baccalaureate students also take part in a range of community service projects.


Sport is a fundamental part of the educational offer at Oak House School. The values developed through team sports are considered to be extremely important and pupils are encouraged to join the school football, basketball and gymnastics teams.

Dining service

All food is prepared on the school premises and our menus are carefully monitored by a nutritionist. Vegetarian and adapted menus are also offered.

Quality and rigour

In Early Years and Primary, Oak House School is fully authorised as a British School in Spain. The authorisation is awarded by the British Council, following a rigorous inspection by British inspectors.

The Oak House School Secondary department complies fully with the requirements of the Catalan education system with a continuing focus on English. Our secondary pupils are also prepared for Cambridge IGCSE exams in English, in a range of subjects.

In the final two years of their schooling, Oak House pupils are able to choose to continue their studies in English by following the International Baccalaureate Programme or by following the
trilingual Bachillerato programme.

Preparation for Cambridge English language exams is also offered to all students at Advanced and Proficiency levels. The high quality of teaching, the care and attention afforded to each pupil and the wide range of resources provided, are factors which define Oak House School. Our teachers are committed professionals who take advantage of regular professional development opportunities, which promote the best practice from the British, International Baccalaureate and Catalan education systems.

Eco-School project

Oak House School is involved in many green projects, all of which are run by our Eco-Committee, made up of ecologically aware pupils and staff. Pupil monitors are responsible for recycling, composting, gardening and the monitoring of energy use within the school.

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