Oak House School

At Oak House School we lay the firm foundations upon which our students’ futures are built.

Our approach to teaching and learning foments curiosity, creativity, effort and resilience, thus encouraging each student to achieve their personal best at all times.

Our value system helps our pupils to develop into self-confident, honest individuals who have a strong sense of social responsibility and a respectful attitude towards others.

We foster an international outlook on life, developing an intercultural understanding.

Our mission is achieved through a strong home-school partnership, which we believe is an essential element in our pupils’ education.


Honesty & Integrity:
Our code of conduct emphasizes the merit of truthfulness, of being true to oneself and of having strong moral principles.

Self-respect & Self- confidence:
Each pupil is a unique individual, who is respected and given the opportunity to discover the best of him/herself.

Effort & Resilience:
We are committed to seeking improvement and educational excellence through a focus on continuous effort, motivation, personalisation and the acceptance of diversity.

Intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking:
We consider intellectual curiosity and the development of critical thinking skills to be essential elements in each student’s quest to acquire knowledge, explore, understand and make sense of the world around them.

Empathy & respect for others:
We promote a spirit of respect for others and a desire for harmonious coexistence; thus demonstrating an appreciation of the people around us and members of the wider community, in combination with a strong interest in the needs and concerns of an international society.

Personal & Social Responsibility:
We aid our pupils to become autonomous individuals, who take responsibility for their own actions and decisions and who are able to understand the impact they have on the lives of others and on the environment.

  • Be respectful to peers, teachers and all members of the school and wider community;
  • Be polite and friendly;
  • Treat all school installations and material with respect;
  • Look after your own property and that of other pupils;
  • Be honest;
  • Listen to others;
  • Work hard, try your best and respect the right of others to do the same.
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