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Amanda Hughes

Welcome to Oak House School and thank you for your interest in our school. I hope that this website will give you a sense of the amazing learning opportunities that we want for all of the pupils in our care, as well as the inspirational impact each member of our community has upon the development of the school.

Oak House School has an excellent team of talented, committed teachers and support staff, who motivate our students to think both creatively and critically, work in teams, use technology to support their learning and strive to achieve more than they dreamed possible.

Our pupils have outstanding academic opportunities and an amazing enrichment programme which goes well beyond the classroom. The school curriculum enables the students to become tri-lingual, with an additional forth language option, so they see no barriers to future learning and career opportunities.  This, alongside our commitment to developing an international mindset means that they have the knowledge, skills and understanding required to study and work within an ever-changing global environment.

Our school values are integrated into all our work and school celebrations. They reflect the qualities that want all our children to demonstrate: to be truly generous with others and give forward to society, whilst having the resilience to develop intellectual curiosity and confidently pursuing their own strengths and interests with integrity.

I hope that you will enjoy learning about our school’s history, current achievements and plans for the future from the website, and that you will make an appointment to visit us.

I look forward to welcoming you personally to the school in the future.

Kind regards


Senior Leadership Team


Julie Harris



Alison Wylie

Head of Early Years


Nicki Taylor

Head of Primary


Paloma Mussons

Head of Secondary


Antonio Roca

Head of Bachillerato-IB


  • Y1 & Y2 coordinator: Lisa Corr
  • Y3 & Y5 coordinator: Andrew Richards
  • Y6 & Y7 coordinator: Alison Strazdin
  • Head of Spanish: Montse García
  • 1st & 2nd ESO coordinator: Gemma Trenchs
  • 3rd ESO coordinator: Isabelle Eon
  • 4th ESO coordinator: Irina Regne
  • IB coordinator: Elaine Sibley