Oak House International Baccalaureate pupils are resourceful, resilient and able to research and evaluate information critically. They are helped to understand the viewpoints of others, to develop an increasing awareness of the world around them and the demands of living in a global society. Oak House pupils leave the school as curious, confident and courteous individuals who are fully prepared to embrace life opportunities and have an international mindset.


Students at Oak House School have the choice of studying either the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) with all subjects (apart from their second language), taught in English; or the national Bachillerato programme 

All students are offered professional experience programmes during the summer, and career path seminars, providing them with an excellent opportunity to experience the world of work in a variety of areas. 

Life skills are further enhanced by participation in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award scheme, which is offered to all students in Bachillerato and IBDP.

Oak House School is an accreditedIB World School offering the IBDP for students aged 16-18. The IBDP is an international, enquiry-based programme which is taught over 2 years and involves rigorous, external assessment. 

The curriculum is made up of the DP Core and six subject groups.

  • The DP core consists of Theory of Knowledge (TOK); Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) and Extended Essay (EE).


This core element of the curriculum is assessed through an oral presentation and a 1600-word essay where students are asked to reflect on the nature of knowledge and its limits. IB offers students 10 questions to choose from in their exam, valued externally.

The TOK course is a demanding and challenging, taking up 100h of students’ time.


This single-disciplinary essay provides students with the opportunity to investigate a topic of special interest, related to one of the six diplomas’ core subjects. This subject is proposed by the student, under guidance of a supervisor.


CAS is at the heart of the Diploma Programme and requires a 150h total dedication over the two-year course. Each student must write a diary, physical or digital, in which they describe their actions, reflect upon them and provide proof of their activities. CAS enables students to grow as unique individuals and to recognize their role in relation to others. Each student collaborates with a tutor and each IB College must provide a CAS coordinator.


  • Language and Literature: English, Spanish
  • Language acquisition: English, French, Spanish
  • Individuals and Societies: Economics, History, Psychology, Environmental Systems & Societies
  • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Systems & Societies
  • Mathematics: Higher Mathematics, Standard Mathematics, Mathematics Studies
  • Arts (not obligatory): Theatre Studies

There are different courses within subject groups. All IBDP students study six subjects: two languages (English and Spanish), maths, at least one science and at least one one humanistic subject. The sixth subject can be Theatre Studies, a second science subject or a second humanistic subject.

Three of the chosen subjects must be studied at the Higher Level (HL) and three at the Standard Level (SL).

At Oak House, IBDP students are also given the opportunity to study alongside their peers who are studying Bachillerato in additional subjects such as visual art, French, German, and computer science. All IBDP students may choose to sit Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency exams in English, as well as the Nivel C exam in Catalan.