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  • 1968

    Oak House School founded

    Oak House School first opened its doors on September 19th, 1968 on a rural site situated at No.12, Sant Pere Claver Street in the upper part of Sarrià. 

    In the early days the school was housed in the original house, which was surrounded by land. As the number of students grew, the need for more buildings arose, which were built on the adjacent land.

  • 1989

    A private foundation since 1989

    In September 1989, OAK HOUSE SCHOOL S.A. changed to the current OAK HOUSE SCHOOL PRIVATE FOUNDATION, inscribed in the Generalitat de Catalunya Private Foundations Register, number 460, as a non-profit organisation.

  • Today


    Nowadays, OAK HOUSE SCHOOL has developed into a prestigious educational institution but the original mission of providing each pupil with an excellent education and strong personal values,still remains

School shield evolution

The original school shield created in 1968 has been modified during the years

Initially, it was composed of St. George’s red cross against a golden background, with a green pine tree with a brown trunk superimposed and the school’s name at the top. The red and green colours that were present on it, stood for the two houses in which students were grouped at the time – red for  “Maple House” and green for “Pine House” –.

The shield was changed in 1988. The red cross was replaced with a white cross and the gold background was changed to blue. The pine tree was replaced by a leafy oak tree and a yellow band with the inscription “esse quod videris” which means “act with integrity”, was placed at the bottom part. This inscription was modified in 2016 to "esse quam videri".

In 2016 “Building futures” was introduced into the Oak House School Mission Statement, thereby signifying the laying of solid educational foundations on which aim to build a better future for each and every one of our pupils.

In 2018, for the 50th Anniversary, the shield was restyled.


Oak House School 50th Anniversary