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Dining services

Our modern dining building, encompasses 3 dining rooms (2 for students and 1 for teachers) a kitchen and storage rooms.

The kitchen is run by chef Alex Clotas, who is responsible for the different menus planning and preparation: normal menus, vegetarian menus and special menus (e.g celiac).

These menus are monthly supervised by a professional nutritionist.

The use of kitchen utensils and the preparation of dishes is monitored by Applus company.

School nurse

Oak House School has a qualified nurse on-site and the school insurance policy covers emergency medical care at the Quirón Clinic in Barcelona.

Bus service

Oak House provides a school bus service for students. There are 3 different routes covering the entire Barcelona city.

Parents deal directly with the coach company instead of having to go through the school.

Contact information:
Autocares Mesa 
Tel: 936534476 / 659794925

School uniform


Oak House Early Years and Primary pupils wear a school uniform that is composed of a yellow polo shirt, a grey skirt or trousers, grey socks and a grey anorak. They also have a PE kit, decorated with their House logo, as well as a team uniform for inter-school competitions.

In Secondary is composed of a navy blue polo shirt, a grey skirt or grey trousers, grey socks and a grey anorak.

School uniforms can be purchased in these shops:


  • Av. Rep. Argentina, 65 – Tel: 932842727
  • C Bisbe Sivilla 39, 08022 Tel. 93 417 11 74 – Fax. 93 284 43 28


  • Avda. Mª Cristina – Tel: 933667100


  • Duquessa d’Orleans 60 -Tel: 936675230

Parents’ Association

logo AMPA Oak House School

The Parents Association (AMPA) represents all students’ parents and school acts, such as communication channel between parents and the Senior Management team. Regular meetings provide the opportunity for parents’ suggestions and concerns to be discussed and considered.


The Oak House School Alumni Association aims to promote the ongoing human, scientific and professional development of its associates as well as maintain a close relationship with the Oak House School Foundation and cooperate in its up-to-date development.

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