“The quality of teaching and the individual attention given to each pupil are the factors which define OAK HOUSE.
Our fundamental aim is for pupils to develop their social and emotional skills to the highest possible level”.

Early Years: Learning through play

The learning environment for Early Years’ pupils at Oak House  School  is  rich  and  varied,  giving  our  youngest children the opportunity and the confidence to explore and learn in a stimulating, secure, safe place, where they meet new challenges on a daily basis.

Our Early Years’ pupils learn through play and engagement in active learning experiences, which help them to develop their physical, social and academic skills.

Our 3 and 4 year old pupils follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for England and all teaching in these year groups is in English.

Primary: Enquiring minds

Our Primary pupils are provided with a firm foundation for learning. Lessons are carefully structured to enable children to both consolidate and extend their learning. Enthusiasm for learning is promoted through teaching methods which encourage discovery, investigation and creative and imaginative responses. Pupils are encouraged to be independent learners, who are also able to work cooperatively with others. As a school we to promote the values of effort, resilience, tolerance, respect, and a sense of solidarity with others. We provide pupils with a structured, disciplined environment, within which they can feel safe, achieve their full potential and be proud of their achievements. We want pupils to enjoy both their academic studies and their extra-curricular activities and be fully involved in the school community

Communication skills are strongly promoted and pupils confidently express themselves through written and spoken language. Developing a love of books and reading amongst our pupils has a high priority at Oak House School.

By the end of their Primary education, Oak House pupils are able to communicate effectively in all three of the school’s main languages: English, Spanish and Catalan.

Secondary: Critical thinking

The Oak House School Secondary curriculum offers a balance between the languages, sciences, technology, mathematics, social sciences, arts and the social and emotional aspects of learning. Pupils are encouraged to develop their level of independence, a good work ethic and a love of learning, all in a caring, stimulating and disciplined environment. Secondary pupils are expected to show an increasing level of social responsibility and awareness of the needs and issues facing the world community.

Critical thinking is encouraged throughout the curriculum, as well as through activities such as the debating club and debating events. Pupils continue to develop their communication skills and the curriculum provides a multilingual learning experience, with a continuing focus on English. In 1st and 2nd E.S.O. (Years 8 and 9), almost half of the teaching hours are in English and the rest are taught in Spanish or Catalan. Both French and German are offered as a fourth language option, leading to official external examinations.

Bachillerato & International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP): International vision

Our Bachillerato and IBDP pupils  are resourceful, able  to  think and evaluate information critically. They are helped to understand the view points of others, as well as to develop an increasing awareness of the world around them and the demands of living in a global society. Oak House pupils leave the school as resilient, curious, confident and courteous individuals who are fully prepared to embrace life opportunities and have an international mindset.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a balanced programme of international education, spread over a two year course and involving rigorous external assessment. At Oak House School all IBDP subjects are taught in English. Both English and Spanish are offered as first language and literature options and French and Spanish are offered as second language options.

In the Bachillerato programmes the majority of subjects are taught in Spanish or Catalan. However, pupils continue to study English to a high level and are given the opportunity to prepare for Cambridge Advanced and Prociency level examinations. Throughout the two year courses pupils study compulsory core subjects, common to both Bachillerato programmes, as well as course-specific subjects, such as investigative or social sciences.

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