Mastering Mathematics

100 square grid
In Year One the principal focus of Mathematics teaching is to ensure that pupils develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value. At this age children should begin to recognise place value in numbers beyond 20 by reading, writing, counting and comparing numbers up to 100, supported by objects and pictorial representations or scaffolding like the 100 square.
This week the children have been finding 10 and 20 more and less than a given number. They  used 100 squares, games and activities on the interactive whiteboard to solve problems in practical contexts.
The Year One children even wrote number challenges for their friends to answer and developed mastery skills by finding missing numbers on the 100 square.
Try using the 100 square the teachers gave you to help your child practise at home!
Coming soon on Frog-a ‘how to’ video for more ideas!
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