IB1 Theatre collaborative project

IB Theatre collaborative project Oak House School

The students gave their first public performances yesterday in their mock Collaborative Projects. This project is a devised piece and must be totally the students work with little or no teacher intervention. They take on the roles of devisers, directors, designers and actors to produce a 13 minute piece of live theatre based on a stimulus chosen by them. The topics they chose to explore in their two groups were Domestic Violence and The conspiracy behind the assassination of J. F. Kennedy.
As part of the project they must receive feedback from their audience which in this case was a mixture of parents, teachers, and students from various classes from 4º ESO to IB2. The students gave their audience a lot to discuss and to think about and it was an excellent learning experience for them in preparation for the real event next year. We would like to thank the audience for their interesting and insightful comments and their continued support for our work in theatre.

Students’ perspective

“We came into this experience not really thinking how difficult it was actually going to be to make it happen. It seemed like 13 minutes was too short, and we took a somewhat relaxed approach to it in the beginning. As the deadline was approaching, we realized that we were not going to make it on time. There was way too much that had to be accomplished, including the programming of the lights, music, costumes and the actual script. Our wonderful theatre teacher, Sinead, reluctantly decided to extend the deadline and gave us one more week for practice.  The nerves were building up as we were finalizing our plays, but with things like this, it never seems finished. You always want to add or change something, but in the end, when it is time to perform it in front of your audience, a compromise is made, and you try to do your best both as a deviser and performer.
We finally performed yesterday and it was great. Both of our groups did well and I think the audience was pleased with our performances. The post-play discussions were very insightful, in that, we understood the audience’s perspective and saw what they liked or didn’t like about it.
I think both of our groups did a great job, and that the demanding topics that we chose were well handled. My group took a relatively non-naturalistic and abstract approach to it, and through the audiences’ feedback we realized that it was a good choice to do so.
The audience appreciated the small details and the symbolism of some of our scenes and their interpretation of them was exactly what we wanted to transmit initially.

Overall, this experience was super exciting and I look forward to devising the next one. “
Nesa M.

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